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Our History

The story of Flourishing Lives started in 1982, when Sandra Glovak decided the best way she could help children would be to start her own business. She strove to create an ideal environment for occupational therapy and created Sensory Systems Clinic. Sandy was passionate in making sure there was extensive training for the staff, research of the most appropriate evaluation tools, expanding relationship based approaches, and used evidence based protocols correctly. The team at Sensory Systems Clinic have helped thousands of people of all ages, and from all walks of life, giving them the opportunity to live happier, more fulfilled lives.


Gwen Claussen brought her young son to SSC in 2012. She was amazed at the dramatic, positive change in him after he began receiving treatment. And as it turned out, Sandy needed a little help, too. In 2014, Gwen joined the team to help with business administration and management. Over the years, she had proven to be an invaluable asset by allowing Sandy to put her main focus on what she loved, treating patients and training her therapists, while Gwen managed the business. Together, with their incredible staff, they built an even more successful clinic.


As Sandy decided to plan for retirement, the time had come for her to pass her legacy on to someone she could trust to maintain the integrity of SSC. Gwen was the obvious choice. In 2021, Sandy passed the torch to Gwen and the team at Sensory Systems as they became Flourishing Lives. As always, you can continue to expect the same passion and dynamic approaches to helping you and the ones you love achieve their goals and, of course, flourish.


We may have a new name, but the passion we hold for what we do and our overall mission to help families through Occupational Therapy has remained the same. Curious about our staff? Check us out below!

The Therapy Team

The Admin Team

The Executive Team

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