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Pediatric Occupational Therapy Team

Helping your family thrive

Flourishing Lives highly trained therapists, create an environment that challenges your child to explore and grow, while having fun, so that your child can learn new things without feeling pressure to perform. You will learn techniques to help your child at home by watching and participating in the therapeutic process.

NOT your


OT Clinic


Ayres Sensory Integration

We Use


Our therapists must learn entirely new methods and ways of implementing therapy:

  • All Flourishing Lives therapists have completed the theory portion of SIPT or CLASI.

  • Receive 1:1 training for 6 weeks from an ASI Certified Therapist with over 300 hours of direct sensory integration treatment hours.

  • Have extensive training in other treatment modalities.

  • Most have overcome sensory issues themselves so they understand where you and your child are coming from very personally.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Equipment

Ayres Sensory Integration is a unique form of OT. Instead of the traditional approach where the therapist follows a protocol based on the parent's complaint, we do a detailed evaluation to assess your child, then we look at all the areas that need to be developed and we create a treatment plan that includes all of these aspects.


However, the biggest difference can be seen during the therapy session where the CHILD is encouraged to choose the treatment activities by allowing them the freedom to move through our facilities as they see fit.  Our therapists have to adapt the activities that your child chooses to meet the goals of your treatment plan. This is a highly unique and challenging skill. Our therapists have to think outside the box and assimilate all kinds of information in the moment to meet the needs of your child. In an ideal therapy session, your child will have little or no idea that they are actually doing anything other than having fun with the therapist.

You will learn 

our therapists do at the clinic!

How to help your child at home

the same way  

As you watch and actively participate in therapy,

your family will learn how to implement these techniques at home

and exponentially improve your child's opportunity for success and decrease the levels of tension in your home!


Pediatric Occupational Therapy For All Ages

I am not a therapist!

 How am I supposed to do this at home?  

True, you aren't a therapist. What you are is even better!

you are a capable, loving, caring


 or loved one




you have incredible influence & opportunity!

  1. You'll be surprised how much you will learn in the therapy sessions.

  2. We will provide you with resources to learn and tools to help at home.

  3. We are starting a new MONTHLY PARENT SUPPORT GROUP. Our owner and parent of two sensory sensitive children has been there, just like you, and is developing a monthly parent support group. She has learned how to support her own kids with great results and enjoys helping parents learn to do the same.

all you need is the proper support and training.



Parent's SUCCESS class!

Parents often have a hard time understanding how purposeful play can actually unlock your child's heart, mind and soul allowing them to achieve amazing results, so we want to help you understand how powerful our therapy is. We want to ease your mind so that you can engage treatment from an encouraged place knowing that YOU CAN DO IT! With therapy your stress levels will decrease and your happiness at home and in your daily life will increase dramatically. In order to help our families understand our unique therapy so you are more empowered to reach your goals, we will be offering introductions to the clinic, where our Director of Occupational Therapy will:

  • Walk you through the clinic.

  • Explain some of the apparatus: how they work and why they are used.

  • Share testimonials.

  • Q & A time.

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